Tips for Choosing a Great Domain Name

Posted: 12 July 2013, Category: Domain

Buying a domain name is as important to your branding as the name of your business and registering the best domain name available plays a big part in your website's success.

By following these tips and keeping them in mind when purchasing a domain of your own you can significantly improve traffic to your site.

1. Keep it short:
Is the simplest way to find your site as many visitors will arrive at your website by typing your address directly into their browser bar. Try to aim for maximum 20 characters or less to maximize your type-in traffic.

2. Be simple and obvious:
Your domain name is actually the name of your website so make sure it is easy to remember and spell. For personal portfolio use your first and last name and for your business website use business name as the domain name.

3. Avoid numerals, underscores and hyphens:
Adding numbers, underscores, hyphens and other non-alphabet characters to your domain name can cause confusion likely to result in lost traffic to your site. Some users might not know where non-alphabet characters are located.

4. Consider keywords and cleverness:
If your prefered domain choice is not available, consider adding a descriptive keyword as a starting point to brainstorm alternative ideas.

5. Register your domain name for multiple years:
If your budget permits, registering your domain name for multiple years can help secure the investment in your website brand. Some search engines look at the domain’s length of registration to help judge the legitimacy of website. Long term registration makes your website rank better and you do not have to worry about domain name renewal for couple of years.

If you have a domain name in mind you really like and that you feel is the right fit for your website then go for it!

If you wish learn more please visit for more details.

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